Stuart Fink builds architectural bronze sculptures from a series of stacked geometric forms.

Fiber artist Jane Burch Cochran constructs intricate pictorial art quilts and wall hangings.

In David Rohs’ installation The Ashes, a model city is slowly consumed by falling ash.

Memebiotics is an exhibition of Andrew Au’s eerie biomechanical drawings and prints.

In Danielle Julian-Norton’s installation In Transient, a lengthy cord winds continuously through an intricate array of motorized spools.

Mary Jo Bole creates detailed sculptures using materials and methods traditionally utilized in the construction of headstone monuments.

Travis Townsend’s rustic sculptures are cobbled together from scraps of wood, string, and other lo-tech materials.

The House in My Head explores perceptions of the house as a fantasy architectural form, living environment and psychological space.

Disturbing Reality is a group exhibition that explores quirky and disquieting images, psychological dramas and off-kilter environments.

Thomas Macaulay constructs monumental architectural structures from unadorned cardboard boxes.